After a free initial consultation, the scope of our engagement
is determined. We offer the following services.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We emphasize a holistic approach  to financial planning and consider all
aspects of your life before preparing your customized comprehensive
financial plan.

Time-constrained Financial Checkup

If your financial affairs are not too complex, this would be the most
cost-effective way of addressing your top-priority financial concerns and
goals. The deliverable of this service is a financial checkup report (2 to 3
pages) of the strengths and weaknesses of your financial condition, along
with some recommendations for reaching your specified goals.

Investment Advice

We will review your investment portfolio (employer-sponsored retirement
plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts, etc.) in the context of your investment
objectives. The deliverable is a detailed list of recommendations required
to build a prudent portfolio with low investment expenses and
appropriate to your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Customized Financial Coaching and Education

We provide customized financial coaching and education to individuals and
families, as well as to small groups who have a similar financial profile.
First we focus on motivating you to learn; then we customize the subject
matter to fit your needs.

Annual Retainer

After an initial project, if you decide to have an ongoing advisor-client
relationship, we will monitor and evaluate your progress towards your
goals. We will make investment and other financial recommendations
based on the changing macroeconomic conditions, your personal
circumstances and your goals.
Financial Planning Services

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Popular Discussion Topics

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Financial risk analysis

  • Paying off the mortgage
    versus investing

  • Investment advice

  • Tax planning

  • Retirement planning