We help you achieve the financial
well-being that  is required to reach
your non-financial goals.


We do this by providing affordable,
conflict-free and life-planning focused
financial planning and advice
, as well as
financial education.
Our Value Propositions

  • We are fully independent of any financial
    institutions, and are compensated only by
    our clients on an hourly or flat project or on-
    going basis.

  • We aim to serve all, not just those who are
    affluent or have large investment assets.

  • Our approach is holistic and we highly value
    the integration of life planning with financial
For more information regarding any of the
following or other i
ssues, please contact us

  • Renting vs Buying
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Active versus Passive Investment
  • Retirement Funding Adequacy Analysis
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Employer-sponsored Retirement Account
    Fund Selection
  • Risk Analysis and Insurance coverage

1569 Solano Ave. # 538, Berkeley, CA 94707

(510) 558-9208
Financial Planning Services

Fee Only

We serve individuals and families
who are in various life stages an
have different financial concerns.

Historically most of our clients are
couples starting a family or those
concerned about their retirement
or those already retired.

What they have in common is they
are hands-on (committed to fully
understanding the merits of our
recommendations and
implementing them).