The mission of DABK Financial Planning
Services is to help clients achieve their
goals in line with their values.

Establishing a long-term, professional and
conflict-free relationship with the client is
extremely important in following the mission
statement. Such a relationship is  achieved through
professionalism, competency and honesty.

Financial education of the clients, relevant to their
circumstances, is an important element of our value
proposition.  As the old saying goes, give a man a
fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish
and he feeds himself for life.

We are dedicated to helping the client set realistic
goals based on her/his current life circumstances,
and individual priorities, and then doing our best to
help the client  reach those goals.

Method of Compensation

Our compensation method is extremely simple
and transparent. We are compensated only by
you, the client, on an hourly or flat project or
on-going basis.

We do not charge a percentage of assets under
management fee, or any other fee and have no
discretionary authority over our clients assets.

We have no affiliation with any financial
institution of any kind.

A copy of our Investment Advisor registration
document referred to as ADV Part 2 can be
provided upon your request.
Financial Planning Services

Fee Only
Our Commitment

  • To be honest and candid
    with you starting from
    the initial free
    consultation session.

  • To treat  you with
    respect and help you
    truly understand the
    financial concepts that
    are relevant to your

  • To make it clear what  
    services we deliver and
    deliver what we promise.

  • To focus on your specific
    needs and goals.

  • To make appropriate
    referrals to other
    professionals whenever
    you need advice in areas
    outside our expertise.